S1, Episode 31: Crimes of the Brady Bunch

Good old-fashioned Brady trickery is back with a vengeance in Season 5, Episode 20, “Snooperstar.” Marcia decides to teach Cindy a lesson for snooping, in what’s probably the most humiliating episode of misused and underused Susan Olsen’s career. The only upside? A guess visit from Natalie Schaefer, aka Lovey, Mrs. Thurston Howell III, as yet another one of Mike’s rich, entitled and crazy female clients. As you can imagine, we have a lot to say.

S1, Episode 29: The Crimes of the Brady Bunch

Peter discovers a new kid at school looks exactly like him — we mean EXACTLY, down to the bad haircut — and hijinks ensue when they decide to fob Faux Peter off as real Peter to the Bradys. What could possibly go wrong?

As we discuss Season 5, Episode 18 of The Brady Bunch, Two Petes in a Pod, we also note some signs that the show is beginning to give up the ghost as it limps into its final four episodes.

S1, Episode 28: The Crimes of the Brady Bunch

Yes, folks, it’s the episode everyone’s been waiting for! The introduction of Cousin Oliver. He gets on a motorcycle and jumps over a shark tank. Actually, the cute little tyke doesn’t, but you get what we’re saying. Season 5, Episode 17 of The Brady Bunch: Welcome Aboard.

S1, Episode 26: The Crimes of the Brady Bunch

In The Driver’s Test, Season 5, Episode 15 of The Brady Bunch, Greg and Marcia squabble over who is the better driver.  Buckle up for  another classic battle of the sexes episode, where no one puts the brakes on gratuitous female-bashing or male-smugness. And there’s also that guy in his underwear.

S1, Episode 25: The Crimes of the Brady Bunch

In the 14th episode of The Brady Bunch fifth season, neighbors Ken and Kathy Kelly decide to not only adopt one kid, but two more and they’re – gasp! – Black and Asian. Neighborhood hysteria ensues. The episode, Kelly’s Kids, stars our childhood crush Ken Berry, and Brooke Bundy, who you may remember from General Hospital. Written by Sherwood Schwartz and meant to be a pilot, it never became it’s own show. We discuss.

S1, Episode 23: The Crimes of the Brady Bunch

Are Alice and Sam eloping?!!! Or did Marcia and Jan just overhear one end of part of a teleophone conversation and leap to a wild assumption? What do you think?

We continue discussing Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch with The Elopement.

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