S1, Episode 20: The Crimes of the Brady Bunch

Hey! We’re back after four years off! In this episode we talk about Quarterback Sneak, Season 5, Episode 9 of The Brady Bunch. The kids learn all about honesty, that football is better than love and that anything is better with two cakes.

S1, Episode 18 Crimes of the Brady Bunch RERECORDED

NOTE: This is new audio, replacing the original unlistenable episode. Enjoy! We’ll be back Nov. 6 with all new episodes, continuing season 5 of The Brady Bunch.

The suit fits, Joe Willie Namath pays a visit, the kids put on a show and Bobby sees skyrockets.

Something suddenly came up. But now we’re back.

It’s been a while. Something suddenlty came up. But now, Groovy Tube is coming back. We will drop Season 1, Episode 20 on Monday, Nov. 6,  continuing with The Brady Bunch. Listen for more details!

Thanks for waiting! We missed you, too.

S1, Episode 17: The Crimes of the Brady Bunch

In which really old Carol and really old Mike get it on, Cindy is going to be on a TV quiz show and… wait for it… gets a big head about it and, the final episode of Season 4, Greg and Marcia fight over the (mysteriously expanded) attic.

A Very Special 2018 Groovy Christmas episode

F-sake you freak, get that f&@#ing nose away from me!

We know we’ve been away for a while. Don’t get uptight, let’s all stay groovy.

Tis the season, and in that spirit, in our annual holiday tradition, we’re merging our podcasts Groovy Tube and Crime & Stuff, this year in an interactive Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-watching extravaganza. Ok, it’s not an extravaganza, but break out the DVD and watch with us anyway.