What’s going on?

A little girl sitting on the floor laughing, a partially obscured little boy behind her making a monster face and a bigger girl with her arms out in a "ta-da" gesture.
The podcasters in 1969: Rebecca, left, Maureen, right.

Do you still say, “Hey, there’s Easy Reader,” when you see Morgan Freeman? Feel ripped off because high school ended up being nothing like “Room 222”?
When someone says a person is spunky, do you fight the urge to say, “I HATE SPUNK”?

Us too.

We’re two children of the 1960s and ’70s who watched TV.

A LOT of TV.

It helped make us the people we are today. So why wouldn’t we want to talk about it?

In Groovy Tube, we talk about the TV of our childhood, looking at it through the lens of our adulthood.

Rebecca is an artist and Maureen is a mystery novelist.

You might say Groovy Tube is a spinoff from our other podcast, Crime & Stuff.  Kind of like “The Jefferson’s” to Crime & Stuff’s “All in the Family.”

The concept for Groovy Tube started as an idea for a Crime & Stuff episode: “The Crimes of the Brady Bunch.” But then we started rewatching, and there was so much to talk about. So. Much.

We knew that it was much more than a hunch that this podcast would spur another podcast…

If you like this podcast, or even if you don’t, check out our other one, Crime & Stuff. We talk about Crime. And stuff.